My work is included in “Arrival at Elsewhere” a book-length poem by poets from across the world speaking in one voice in response to 2020’s pandemic, Against the Grain Poetry Press, the UK

“Sunday Trip” is featured in The Poets’ Republic, Scotland.

“Matchbox” and “Arrival in Wroclaw” published in the Manchester Review.


“Poem With Lines in Any Order” accepted for publication in Southword, Ireland

“Sobbing on Seeing a Photograph” is forthcoming in Skylight47, Ireland.

“Dispatches from Pandemic: Oslo” appeared in Another Chicago Review

“Today I’m Grateful For…”  A Journal Entry, 


A poem accepted for publication by the Oslo Writers League, Norway.




“From the West Coast” is published in The Irish Times.


Two poems included in the anthology WRITING HOME: THE NEW IRISH POETS by Dedalus Press, Ireland.


A poem featured in The Darg, an anthology of poetry inspired by Hamish Henderson.
It was launched at the Edinburgh Book Festival by The PoetsRepublic Press, Scotland.


“Short Straw” is published in Under the Radar, UK.

The final missing line should read: My Father is drinking water


“Love of Work” (!) is included in The Stockholm Review, Sweden.


My poem “Enough” appears in Skylight 47, Ireland.

     I have the moon over for the evening,

     she should turn dark-red by midnight…





My winning poem “Bathing in Melancholy” is published in the Anthology of the 2018 New Zealand Poetry Society International Poetry Competition.


“The First Woman Above the Moon” is featured in Banshee (IRE)


“Royalties” and “Homage to Stanisław Barańczak and Tomaž Šalamun” are published in Stand (UK)


Commended “Self-Portrait with a Squirrel” is featured in Anthology of poems

from  2018 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine (UK)


“Above All” and “Low Fire” are published in Envoi (UK)


“This is What is Happening to Me” and “Privilege of Hurricane” appeared in Cyphers (IRE)


A poem is featured in Skylight 47 (IRE)


“Variations on My Mother” is published in The Poets’ Republic (Scotland)




“Where Do You See Yourself Ten Years from Now?” Crannóg (IR)

It is 2027 and people celebrate the 110th anniversary

of the October revolution. But I dont recall

if comrade Lenin wore sideburns, though

I am certain the revolt took place in November.

I see myself in Dunnes shopping centre…


Two poems forthcoming next year in Stand (UK)





“My Heart Stops” published in Poetry Wales, Issue 52.2, Winter 2016

“One Short Prayer” appeared in Poetry Wales, Issue 52.2, Winter 2016


“Please Everyone Stop Dying” appeared in Stand (UK), 14.3 Autumn 2016

“Monochrome” published in Stand (UK), 14.3 Autumn 2016

“The Great Dark Spot” appeared in Stand (UK), 14.3 Autumn 2016


“Good Night, Wroclaw” featured in The Level Crossing (Dedalus Press) (IR), Issue No. 1 June 2016


“Flashes” included in An Anthology of Poems from the Poets Meet Politics Competition (IR)


“Travel Notes” published in Envoi (UK), Issue 172, February 2016

“Galway Ghazal” appeared in Skylight 47 (IR), Issue 6, Winter/Spring 2016





“Thank You, Ms Herbert” published in Orbis (UK), Issue 174, Winter 2015

“Indisputable Truth” published in Orbis (UK), Issue 174, Winter 2015


“Her Mother Hides in the Wardrobe” included in Hallelujah For 50ft Women, an anthology by Bloodaxe Books


“Under the Meteor Shower” published in The Stony Thursday Book (IR), No 14 Autumn 2015


“Mother” featured in Under the Radar (UK), Issue Fifteen Summer 2015


“From Michael” appeared in Obsessed with Pipework (UK), Issue 70


“First Lieutenant Adam Klepacki” published in An Anthology of Poems from the Poets Meet Politics Competition (IE)


“The First Letters of the Alphabet” appeared in The Rialto (UK), Issue 82, Winter 2015


“Preferences” published in Envoi (UK), Issue 169, February





“To Make it Through” included in Emerge Literary Journal Anthology (US), Vol.II


“A Funeral Reception” Skylight 47 (IE), Issue 3, Winter 2014


“Great-Grandma” featured in An Anthology of Poems from the Poets Meet Politics Competition (IE)


“Reading Bilingual Poetry Edition” published in Poetry Cornwall (UK), Issue 41





“Aspects of Fredrik Beer” published in THE SHOp (IE), Issue 43, Autumn Winter 2013


“Love from Oslo” and four other poems appeared in Kavya Bharati (India), No 25, Autumn 2013


“From the West Coast” published in THE SHOp (IE), Issue 42, Summer 2013


“Granny” featured in Skylight 47 (IE), Issue 2, Summer 2013


“Autobiography” published in Orbis (UK), Issue 163, Spring 2013


“Almost Paradise” appeared in Poetry Wales (UK), Issue 48.4, Spring 2013


“What I Love About the World is its Roundness” appeared in Skylight 47 (IE), Issue 1, Winter 2013




Seven poems published in Wayword Tuesdays – An Anthology by the Tuesday Knights (IE)


“I Consider my Home Planet” published in Crannóg (IE), Issue 31, Autumn 2012


“To Make it Through” published in Emerge Literary Journal (US), Issue 4, October 2012


“Stockholm Syndrome” published in Revival Literary Journal (IE), Issue 23, July 2012