Very strong, moving, impressive, professional.

About my reading at Cúirt International Festival of Literature, Galway, Ireland, April 2019


Bogusia Wardein’s poetry is very much about confounding expectations and assumptions either by re-angling or subverting conventional form. I admire her work because it has the courage of not compromising and she has the nerve to deliver it with assurance. Her performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was magnetizing.

Neil Young, editor of The Poets’ Republic


I throw my arms up in the air and close my eyes and say, Jesus, that was good.

– Gail Ingram, editor of the anthology “The Unnecessary Invention of Punctuation,” New Zealand about my poem Bathing in Melancholy”


Brilliant, distinctive, spellbinding… 

— The audience about my performance at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival


I hope your poem [“Monochrome”] was well received; I would have received it well if I’d been in the audience.

Kay Ryan


Bogusia Wardein’s winning poem is both playful and serious, apparently straightforward but mysterious. Alluring! Her voice is distinctive and assured.

Anne French, the judge of The New Zealand Poetry Society 2018 International Poetry Competition


It is fantastic work… This is easily the best manuscript I have read in the last ten years.  

— Noel King, the former editor of Doghouse Books, Ireland


There was much I enjoyed about your poems; they have a lively and well-honed quality and are undoubtedly of a very high standard.
Jane Commane, Nine Arches Press, England


I did like your poems.
Amy Wack, Seren Books, Wales


Your poems are consummately Polish to my ear – distinctive, about genuine subjects’ genuine exploration.
Jane Hirschfield


Bogusia puts words together in startling ways; that and her stunning use of image create a riveting, at times surreal, effect. Hers is a powerful and unique voice. We hope she continues to think of Galway as her second home, her literary home, because she is such an asset to our literary life.
Susan Millar DuMars, co-organiser of the Over The Edge reading series in Galway, Ireland


I read some of your poems and like them for sheer beauty of imagery and word painting. I read you as a gifted artist of words and phrases. Your poems have power to move hearts.
Jaydeep Sarangi, Calcutta, India


Amongst the most intriguing features of your poems are their landscapes and their details of plants and fruit (e.g. cloudberries) unfamiliar to most English readers who grew up in towns and cities, cannot even visualise the plants and birds of their own countryside (and that many fashionable English poets do not write about it).
Alison Brackenbury, Gloucestershire, England


You read like a Nobel Prize winner.
(about performing my work at the launch of Wayword Tuesdays)
Kevin Higgins, co-organiser of the Over The Edge reading series in Galway, Ireland


Thanks for the extraordinary poem “Stockholm Syndrome.” I’ve long been intrigued by the contradictions and ambiguities of Polish history and culture. Even your first stanza is rich, but it just gets better.
Donna Potts, Kansas, USA